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Welcome to the website of the Federal Interpreter and Translator Expert - Gino J. Lee

We provide a wide range of services, consistently applying the values of honesty and integrity.

Certified translator and interpreter expert              Professional translator and interpreter

      Spanish -Korean                                 Spanish-Korean-English

Translation valid in Mexico and Korea


A wide variety of Korean language translation services, from certified translations to technical translations.


Translation of all kinds of texts and interpretation services, all of them backed by years of experience as a freelancer and by a long list of satisfied clients.

My policy on the aspect of quality is based on the provision of a personalized, efficient, agile, transparent and reliable service. We achieve all of the above with the availability of resources and adequate technology, as well as constant training and commitment. I do not lose sight of the fact that I am a tool for clients and that the best way to be useful to them is by satisfying the requirements of the company and / or the general public, which in many cases is the final service provider. I provide permanent and personalized services to both institutions and individuals.

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